Bluffton Breeze Bus Stops


With more than 50 published bus stops, we've made it "easy breezy" to Catch The Bluffton Breeze!

Most stops are marked with a reflective bus stop sign along the roadway, so you will know you're in the right place to catch the bus. Since our drivers will only stop at many of the stops if there are passengers waiting or requesting to de-board, we recommend giving the driver a wave to be sure they see that you are wanting to board the bus.

Route 511 Map_v2.jpg
Bluffton Parkway Westbound stops:
Marshalls (Hilton Head Village)
Buckingham Plantation Dr. (in front of Jacoby & Sons)
Bluffton Pkwy at 29 Edgewater (after driveway)
Bluffton Pkwy at Tanger 2 straightaway
Bluffton Pkwy at Malphrus Westbound, Turn Lane
Bluffton Pkwy at Tanger 1 (traffic light), Near Side
Bluffton Pkwy at Burnt Church Road Westbound Turn Lane
Bluffton Pkwy at Bluestone, First Driveway, Far Side 
Bluffton Pkwy at Beaufort County Govt. Center
Bluffton Pkwy at Persimmon Street Turn Lane, Near Side
Bluffton Pkwy in right turn lane toward NAPA 
Bluffton Pkwy at Simmonsville Turn Lane
Bluffton Parkway at Trotting Hill Lane Turn Lane
Bluffton Parkway at Crossings Blvd/Pine Crest Turn Lane

Bluffton Road Stops:
Bluffton Road after right turn at traffic circle
Bluffton Road at Kittie’s Landing, Far Side
Walmart Entrance
Sam's Club Entrance
Red Cedar at turn to Bluffton Rd. after Sam’s
Bluffton Road in front of Doctors Care

Simmonsville Road Stops:
Simmonsville Road at Onyx, Far Side
Simmonsville Road at Supermercado La Mexicano
Simmonsville Road at Avalon Shore Apts., Far Side
Simmonsville Road opposite Onyx

Plantation Park Drive Stops:
Plantation Park Dr. in front of Re-Store
Plantation Park Dr. in Circle
Arley Way at Westbury Financial Park
Arley Way opposite Westbury Financial Park
Plantation Park Drive Circle (Eastbound)
Plantation Park Drive opposite Re-Store

Buck Island Road Stops:
Buck Island/Baylor Drive, Bluffton Medical Campus
Buck Island/Baylor Drive, Publix

Buckwalter Parkway Stops:
Buckwalter Regional Park Circle (Recreation Center)
Buckwalter Parkway-Shell Hall Turn Lane (Near Side)
Buckwalter Parkway at Cross Schools, Turn Lane
Buckwalter Parkway at The Townes Turn Lane, Near Side
Buckwalter Place Inbound Circle at crosswalk in striped area
Buckwalter Place Outbound Circle at crosswalk in striped area
Lowcountry Fresh Market & Café (Ludlow & Bleecker) 
Berkeley Place Circle at Cinemark Theatre 
Buckwalter Parkway at Bojangles
Vineyard Entrance (25 Cassidy Dr. at Buckwalter Parkway)

Bluffton Parkway Eastbound Stops:
Bluffton Parkway at Masters Way, right turn lane
Bluffton Parkway at Troy Lane (near side right turn lane)
Bluffton Parkway at Persimmon, Near Side
Bluffton Parkway at Goethe Road, Near Side (right turn lane)
Bluffton Parkway at Palmetto Medical, Far Side
Bluffton Parkway at BridgePointe, Far Side
Bluffton Pkwy at Burnt Church Rd. Eastbound Intersection, Far Side
Bluffton Pkwy opposite Tanger 1, Far Side
Malphrus at Lowe’s, Between Driveways
McDonald's/Next Loft (off of Fording Island Road)
Marshalls (Hilton Head Village)